Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MQM in Punjab

Altaf Hussain's latest sermon is somewhat confusing to me. He says that the country's debt will be paid off by selling the land of the feudals. A very effective political argument, but one that doesn't really hold water in reality. Sadly the two are mutually exclusive in Pakistan. How exactly is the distribution of land going to take place? Does Altaf Hussian expect poor farmers and tenants in the countryside to pay off the external debt of the country by buying this land, debt which stands at around $50 Billion today and is projected to hit the $75 Billion mark by 2015? These are people who have barely enough money to get through a single day, and are mostly without a steady source of income, yet the great absconder from justice that is the head of the MQM, expects them to cough up money to the tune of $50 Billion. A newspaper report said that Altaf Hussain urged people to remain calm as the 'MQM made its way to Punjab.' How accurate that those were the terms chosen to describe the MQM. After all, this is a party whose most memorable legacy is the 12th of May bloodbath in Karachi. He asks the people of Punjab why they keep voting for people who are plunderers and looters. A very valid question, except one glaring fault. Corruption has not been the downfall of this country, a failure to bring those indulging in corruption to answer for their crimes has been the downfall. A lack of justice has been the downfall of this country. People are corrupt because they have no fear of the judicial system, which includes the entire judiciary, not just the handful of judges of the apex court. Of course, he couldn't frame the argument in these terms, because he himself has benefited greatly from this lack of accountability. If this country was truly just, Mr. Hussain, you would be behind bars for life right now.

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